divine drapé


La Vénus de Milo (detail)
Late 2nd century BC

Louis XIV (detail)
Hyacinthe Rigaud, 1701

the next series?

Vénus de Milo aux tiroirs
Salvador Dali, 1936

Métamorphose topologique de la Vénus de Milo traversée par des...
Salvador Dali, 1964

did you say designer + programmer?

What we create is highly influenced by the tools we use. Beyond the mainstream software offered by Adobe/Macromedia, I believe that the digital nature of the medium offers an endless field of possibilities for us to explore...

first series

As an illustration, I crafted a small piece of software that lets you manipulate a 3d model of the Vénus de Milo which serves as a surface for mapping different kind of textures, either vectorial or procedural.

The following flash animations (click to launch them in a popup) are one of the many renderings it is possible to create with such a tool:

1/2. height variation on drapé with grid followed by fleur-de-lis pattern

3/4. drapé with fur (left: ermine-dotted)

5/6. ground level variation (right: inversed) on drapé with parallel lines

Naturally, the same program can be easily tweaked to generate QuickTime movies, animated gifs, PDF files, etc.

the making of

In lieu of a very detailed section: a short overview of what it takes to...


Java 1.4.2platform
JOGL (Java Bindings for OpenGL)library

external assets

3DS to Simple Mesh converter by Odin Jensentool
JavaSWF2 - A Java Toolkit for Macromedia Flash™ Parsing and Generation by David N. Mainlibrary
Venus from De Espona 3D Encyclopedia3d model
Fleur de Lis by Jeffrey Jenkinsvector illustration

how to create one's own Adobe Illustrator parser

Creating postscript files by Ben Frytutorial
Spline Curves by Tim Lamberttutorial
Adaptive Sampling of Parametric Curves by Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo, GraphicsGems V, Academic Pressarticle

always useful

Processingplatform & community
Perlin Noise by Ken Perlinalgorithm
jogl group at Java Games Forumscommunity

future plans

  • • producing a new series of animations.
  • • experimenting with the mobile medium.
  • • making an online version of the tool.
  • • opening the source...
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