usaid west bank & gaza wanted a website to promote the mission's activity in the region
In 2001, the A&M Collectiv (Ariel Malka and Mira Rashty) was contracted to build a website for the US Agency for International Development, West Bank & Gaza mission.

information architecture

The first challenge was to build a structure that would reflect the complexity of both the mission and the region, serve the 6 different programs and promote the synergy between them, while communicating with different audiences.

Finally, we opted for a rhizomatic structure, with a high level of cross-reference and multiple entry points: headlines and feature articles, photo stories, cultural magazine, programs and activities data sheets...

visual identity

Working closely with the mission's content editor, we wanted to reflect the richness and diversity of the Palestinian people.

For the graphical frame of the site, we chosed not to use contemporary photographical material _ since it will be widely used all over the site as story content _ but rather, unique archive material from the 30's and 40's.

In addition, motifs from Palestinian Embroidery were injected into the look & feel with the ancestral cross-point being replaced by the pixel.

authoring engine

A powerfull content-management and data-entry system _ based on internet explorer, javascript, xml and xslt _ was developed from scratch, allowing non technical personal at the mission to fully maintain and update the web site.



  • • Gina Benevento, content editor
  • • Mira Rashty, project manager and associate information architect
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