ariel malka is a designer + programmer who doesn't see a | between art and technology


Freelance; Based in Tel-Aviv; Works on a wide range of new-media projects; Mobile development expert and active member of the Cinder community since 2011.


  • • Design: 2d/3d, gaming, motion, interaction, typography, UI.
  • • Programming: Java, C/C++, Objective-C, html/css/js.
  • • Platforms: Windows, OSX, Android, iOS.
  • • Frameworks: JOGL (OpenGL + Java), Processing, Cinder.

aesthetics and computation

So how does it look when a designer who is also a programmer designs and programs things? A few shortcuts:

research and development

In parallel of his freelance work, Ariel spends a respectable amount of time on R&D (some call it art). A few representative labs:

  • (2003-2014), a growing collection of software experiments exploring the relation between text, space and time.
  • the chronotext toolkit (2011-2014), an open-source C++ code-base extending Cinder, for creating dimensional text experiments and cross-plaform mobile apps and games.
  • mobile-sand (2004-2005), a concept demo for a new kind of mobile gaming experience.


Phone: +972-52-5407610


  • March 2014
    Video preview of a forthcoming mobile app for playing with James Joyce's Ulysses.
  • December 2013
    Javascriptorium, finally available as a desktop application after seven years!
  • February 2013
    Publishing of Lui les Hébreux moi Pharaon – when spoken voice meets written text…
  • November 2012
    Bitter Sam – a game which I co-developed – is available on the AppStore and Google Play

Updates on twitter, vimeo, flickr

latest coups

  • • Helping a company to build a game development studio specialized in cross-platform (iOS, Android) games.

old but noteworthy

notable paradigm shifts

  • • 2001-2002: Teaching at Camera Obscura School of Art, New Media section.
  • • 2003-2004: Being an active member of the Processing community.

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